Annual Brand week at Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf


Building brand awareness has been a top goal for B2C and B2B marketers for years.
It is believed that a company with great branding will have an easier time getting employees to feel like they’re involved with something more than just a job… across Constance Hotels Resorts & Golf,
the week of 13th September to 18th September is all about the company’s brand, identity.

The Brandweek is to re-focused on the company’s values, the strong pillars and bring into line the company’s ambition:
 "to be the reference of human-scale luxury hospitality”

From shared breakfasts to 24h non-stop spinning to raise funds for the project, a series of activities are on the program,
a reminder of what lies at the foundation of the brand.

Constance Hospitality Management’s program:

Monday 13th Sept: True Places | Nature walk in the vicinity of Constance La Gaiete 
Tuesday 14th Sept: True People | Connect with your wonderful colleagues over a Bring & Share breakfast
with all sanitary measures in place ofcourse! 
Wednesday 15th Sept: Generosity | Constance rides for Zippy-
 'Les Amis de Zippy’
Thursday 16th Sept: Generosity | Handover of collected funds to ' Les Amis de Zippy’
Friday 17th Sept: Inventiveness | Brainstorming marathon – debate and brainstorming session

 "Generosity" being one of our core values, this year a project along with "Fondation Constance" is in place: Constance rides for Zippy, a-24hour spinning in exchange for donations from Fondation Constance.
The fund will then be given to' Les Amis de Zippy, a local NGO.

This Brand Week also acts as a reminder of how critical each one's role and contribution is.