Human Resources

The HR Department shapes its strategies and mission to stimulate employee engagement towards brand delivery in support of the luxury service we deliver.
This entails an enduring commitment to training and development, and the development of consistent and relevant HR policies and procedures.
The HR function is also actively engaged in delivering on Constance Hotels’ commitment to sustainability.
This requires a special focus on areas such as Health and Safety, tailor-made recruitment processes,
and continual engagement surveys to better serve the needs of the business.

Grow With Us

At the heart of Constance Hotel’s strategy lies the belief that generosity delivers great returns on investment both for guests and for staff. The Group wants its staff to feel that they work for an employer, who offers them true attention, training and career opportunities. Nurturing employee satisfaction leads to developing a positive mindset amongst employees that, in turn, translates into a positive approach to guest service. While excellence is entrenched in all its hotel services, the Group also embraces cultural diversity and strives to adapt its culture to each hotel and each destination.


Employee satisfaction surveys are conducted every year to monitor the adequacy between the HR strategy and employee expectations. This initiative also allows Constance Hotels to connect with its internal customers, to measure how and to what extent it meets employee expectations and to collect their views and suggestions on the enhancement of their work environment.

Talent development

Talent development is at the core of Constance Hotels’ HR strategy. Strong emphasis is therefore put on learning and development, which have become hallmarks of Constance Hotels within the hospitality industry in the countries in which it operates. The training role at Constance Hotels rests with the Constance Hotels Training Centre (CHTC) that was set up in 1998 and designs and runs tailor-made training programs geared towards employee talent development.


Constance Hotels believes that recruiting the right people who share its values and mindset is key to building successful teams. In order to support hotel teams that select the new recruits, the HR Department uses competency based recruitment and selection best practices in order to find the right candidates.

Constance Hotels proactively supports the recruitment and development of local talents in various positions across the Company’s operational and support functions.  Foreign skills are sought in specific areas where there is a lack of local expertise. Constance Hotels aims at achieving equal opportunity and fair treatment for all its employees in all areas including recruitment, training, promotion, transfer, benefits and disciplinary matters, irrespective of their status, age, caste, colour, religion, ethnic origin, impairment, political opinion, race, sex or sexual orientation.

Hospitality Training Centre

Founded in June 1998, Constance Hospitality Training Centre’s primary goal is to deliver quality training, coaching, counselling and support while inspiring passion for hospitality. With our professional qualified trainers, every course is easily understood and put into practice.

Our training programmes focus on areas currently required in the market place. We provide a special attention to employee development with the intention of closing the gap between current and desired abilities.

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The Way Forward To 2020

Over the coming years, the Group will remain committed to its strategy to support and promote sustainable operations and practices with a view to creating shared values with its guests, its people and other stakeholders. It will continue to strive in order to grasp and address new sustainability challenges through the empowerment of its people and continual improvement.